If you’ve been following the blog here at Superior Office Products for any length of time, you know that we’ve been discussing the collaborative benefits of our 4K interactive touchscreens from Newline at some length.

Most of what we’ve talked about so far has had to do with the business side of things, but how can collaborative technology impact an educational environment? As it turns out, quite positively. In today’s post, we’ll explore how thousands of educators around the country are already using interactive screens like the ones we carry to find new and effective ways to teach students, both children and adults.

Let’s begin with the basics:

modern teaching techniquesHow Can a 4K Touchscreen Help Educators in the Classroom?

Educational facilities that wish to become “future proof” are increasingly installing interactive technology into the classroom. One of the biggest benefits of technology like a 4K interactive touchscreen is that it empowers educators to display audio and visual material to the entire classroom seamlessly—content can be moved, manipulated, and shared between desktop or laptop screens to wall-mounted touchscreens.

However, a 4K touchscreen is far, far more than just the latest and greatest in display technology—it’s the cutting edge of interactive technology, which allows educators and students alike to participate in what’s happening on the screen, manipulate that data, and collaborate like never before. It’s referred to as collaborative learning, and as we’ll discover in a moment, is quite a powerful teaching tool.

How Touchscreen Technology Saves Educators Precious Time

First, a quick note about time. As you likely already know, time is a precious thing for educators. An interactive touchscreen can help you save quite a lot of it as it turns out, since the touchscreen can double as a “futuristic” whiteboard. What if you could display images, video, or audio alongside the notes you’re writing on the screen? Time would be saved and the ability of students to learn would be similarly enhanced.

Furthermore, since the touchscreen will integrate with preexisting software and teaching tools at your disposal, educators will find that transitioning between desktop environments and touchscreen environments to be an intuitive process. Most educational facilities that have implemented interactive technology have found that the staff training aspect has been refreshingly brief.

Now, with all that in mind, let’s briefly go back to that whole collaborative learning concept.

4k touchscreen educationWhat Are the Benefits of Collaborative Learning?

The benefits of collaborative learning have been well documented—take for example this study conducted by behavioral scientists (PDF link).

The key takeaways are that collaborative learning has been shown to enhance the development of higher thought, verbal communication, and leadership skills. A diversity of perspectives will be experienced by students, who then learn in real-time how to understand, negotiate, and reach conclusions together instead of alone (or not at all). Furthermore, this kind of interaction can help prepare students for “real world” employment or social situations.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, collaborative learning will increase interaction between faculty and students—helping to form the kinds of bonds that enhance education and strengthen the retention of knowledge.

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