Why Xerox?

Xerox Corporation is the world’s leading document management technology and services enterprise. A $17.6 billion company, Xerox provides the document industry’s broadest portfolio of offerings. Digital systems include color and black-and-white printing and publishing systems, digital presses and “book factories,” multifunction devices, laser and solid ink network printers, copiers and fax machines. Xerox’s services expertise is unmatched and includes helping businesses develop online document archives, analyzing how employees can most efficiently share documents and knowledge in the office, operating in-house print shops or mailrooms, and building Web-based processes for personalizing direct mail, invoices, brochures and more. Xerox also offers associated software, support and supplies such as toner, paper and ink.

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The company’s operations are guided by customer-focused and employee-centered core values — such as environmental sustainability, citizenship, diversity and quality — augmented by a passion for innovation, speed and adaptability.

  •  Headquarters: Norwalk, CT, USA
  • Chairman: Anne M. Mulcahy
  • CEO: Ursula M. Burns
  • Employees: 54,700 worldwide
  • Fortune World’s Most Admired Companies: No. 1 in computer category
  • Fortune 500 ranking: No. 147

Our Capabilities.
We believe that no matter what size, every business is unique and every business is driven to improve results. What’s right for one business might not be right for you. It all depends on your business, its long-term goals and short-term drivers. Trying to grow revenue? Focused on cutting costs? Or simply need a better way to get work done?
We’re pretty sure we can help.

why xerox

J.D. Power & Associates Award – 5th year in a row!

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Xerox Corporation has been recognized by J.D. Power and Associates for providing “An Outstanding Customer Service Experience.” This is the fifth consecutive year the company has achieved the esteemed certification for Excellence in Technology Service and Support.

“At Xerox, our mission is to become a trusted business partner with our customers by ensuring that they get the maximum value out of their Xerox products and solutions,” said Bill Steen-burgh, senior vice president, Xerox Services. “One of the best ways to ensure that we satisfy our customers is to meet – and exceed – the rigorous standards that come with the J.D. Power and Associates certification.”

The Certified Technology Service and Support Program was developed by J.D. Power and Associates and the Technology Services Industry Association and is one of the customer service industry’s most prestigious recognitions. Qualified companies must first pass the TSIA’s Excellence in Service Operations audit conducted by on-site technical support experts over six days. Xerox’s success in the audit phase allowed the company to enter the second research phase conducted by J.D. Power and Associates auditors who surveyed over 1,000 Xerox customers. Those surveys solidified Xerox as a leader in providing customer support satisfaction in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, and now 2010.

“We continue to be impressed by Xerox technology and operational efficiency, but even more so the commitment and professionalism of the technical service technicians,” said Eric Northcutt, vice president of Mailing Services, Time Customer Service, Inc. “From our perspective, the Xerox Services organization is the industry benchmark for customer service and support – and at the end of the day, that means we succeed.” Earlier in 2009, Xerox Services was also awarded the Hall of Fame STAR Award from the TSIA for Lifetime Achievement for Service Excellence and the 2009 Aberdeen Industry Achievement Award for Service Excellence.

Independent, local and well connected.

Down the street. Around the corner. The office downstairs on six. No matter where you are, chances are there’s a Xerox Authorized Sales Agent near you.

But being close to you is only one reason to choose a local Xerox Sales Agent for all your office products and document service needs. As independent business people and exclusive representatives of The Document Company, Xerox, your local Xerox Sales Agents can offer you the best of both worlds.

The flexibility and responsiveness you’d expect from a local business entrepreneur combined with the power and resources of the recognized leader in the office products and document services business – Xerox Corporation. Together with Xerox, your Sales Agent offers you the widest array of office products and document solutions available anywhere:

  • Integrated, networked and digital document solutions
  • Color Printers and copiers
  • Monochrome copiers from 14 to over 100 pages per minute
  • Multifunction fax systems that perform printing, faxing and scanning
  • Color laser printers and networkable black-and-white printers that can
    put the impact of color and low-cost productivity right at your desktop
  • World-class products
  • Industry-leading technology
  • Knowledgeable professionals

You can find all of the above at the local Xerox Sales Agent right in your neighborhood. You’ll value the flexibility, response and personal attention that’s only possible from someone who -just like you- understands the special needs and challenges of growing companies and businesses.

Work with an award-winning team.
When you work with a Xerox Sales Agent, you get the best of both worlds: face-to-face, personal service, along with the resources, products and proven history of a world leader in office equipment. For example, any company would consider it a rare honor to win the prestigious Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award just once in a lifetime. Xerox has won it twice, in 1989 and 1997. Among other significant accomplishments, Xerox recently became the first (and only) document management technology company awarded the J. D. Powers and Associates Certification for Outstanding Technical Service and Support.

The personal attention you deserve. The quality results you expect.

With any investment, your business wants to maximize results. That’s why Xerox’s worldwide support network of people, processes and technology exists. Our mission: assure that your Xerox technology investment pays off.  We are at your service where you need us, when you need us, the way you need us. Dedicated to keeping your business running, we deliver the personal attention you deserve for the quality results you expect. Superior support behind your Xerox solution.

Maximizing your Xerox solution’s performance.

Maximizing your Xerox solution’s availability.

Comprehensive Support Network

  • Delivers global knowledge at local point of need.
  • Provides access to Xerox system specialists, industry and IT partners.
  • Links support all the way back to the design engineers.
  • Provides continuous technology upgrades and improvements.

24/7 Customer Support—On Call, Online, On-Site

  • Dedicated customer call centers with first and second-level technical support.
  • Online interactive support via the Web.
  • Dispatched on-site service engineers.

Embedded Device Diagnostics

  • Predicts potential problems before they occur.
  • Enables proactive response to avoid downtime.
  • Assists to speed problem resolution.

Global Knowledge Sharing

  • Collaborative technical database delivers up-to-the-minute worldwide information at point of need.
  • Provides instant access to latest technical solutions and innovations.
Skilled Customer Service Engineers

  • Industry, network and manufacturer-certified professionals.
  • Extensive and ongoing training.

Dedicated Accounts for Each Customer Service Engineer

  • Provides personal customer relationships.
  • Develops in-depth knowledge of your unique requirements.

Service Technology Tools

  • Service engineers are connected through wireless laptops and local radio service networks.
  • Remote call dispatching delivers speedy call response.

The support system behind every Xerox solution: uniquely capable…uniquely Xerox.
Our business depends on helping your business do great work. That’s why Xerox invests in delivering support whose breadth and depth is unmatched in the industry.

Whether your business is small and local, or large and global, your technology investment deserves the reliable protection only Xerox support provides.

It’s what you expect. It’s what we deliver.

There is a difference…and Xerox proves it.

14 advantages of doing business with Xerox

  1. Xerox Total Experience — Unlike other vendors, Xerox provides all aspects of the Xerox experience: Xerox equipment, Xerox service, Xerox approved lease, Xerox analysts, Xerox support center and Xerox parts and supplies.
  2. Xerox Service Technicians — Xerox employees are trained specifically on your product with an average 12 years of tenure. We offer the Best Service in the Industry. J.D. Power and Associates has recognized us for providing “An Outstanding Customer Service Experience” for five consecutive years: 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010.
  3. Xerox Total Satisfaction Guarantee — Xerox provides a security blanket that guarantees you will not receive a lemon. The premium Xerox warranty allows you to initiate the equipment replacement process.
  4. Xerox Exclusive Concurrent Multi-tasking Technology — Our products are the most productive in the world. Unlike others’ equipment, our machines operate independently and concurrently, allowing you to scan while you’re printing, print while you’re copying, copy while you’re faxing, and more.
  5. Xerox Print Around Technology —When a job is sent to a Xerox multifunction device and the necessary resources are not available, a note is made, an alert is sent out and the device continues to operate, rather than stop all productivity until the necessary resources are made available.
  6. Xerox Unlimited Scan Ahead — A virtually unlimited number of pages can be scanned in a single file, or a virtually unlimited number of individual scans can be made in a row.
  7. Xerox SMart Kit Technology — This allows you to maximize your equipment uptime . When a drum cartridge, fuser cartridge or toner cartridge needs to be replaced, an alert is provided and the on-hand supplies can be easily and quickly changed. Some competitive products simply go down and require a service call to become operational again.
  8. Xerox Scanning Compression Technology — We feature advanced scan-file compression technology that greatly reduces a scanned image without affecting image quality. JBIG2 technology in combination with the Mixed Raster Content (MRC) method creates a file up to 10X smaller than competitors.
  9. Xerox Scan to Accurate Text Searchable PDF — Currently, we have the only equipment with standard OCR that accurately and quickly performs optical character recognition and creates searchable documents that can be easily found no matter where they are saved, using any standard search function.
  10. Xerox CCC/DOD Certified Secure — Our entire devices are certified to keep your information completely secure. No other product secures your information from theft at the highest Department of Defense standards.
  11. Xerox Remote Supply Monitoring — Xerox can directly monitor copy and print volumes on office devices, enabling supplies to be sent out as needed and billed accurately. No in-office admin is required.
  12. Xerox User Interface — Easy-to-use Xerox interfaces are designed to have 80% of the most commonly used functions on the main screen, avoiding the need to drill down to find features. Our interfaces are familiar to previous Xerox users.
  13. Xerox Notification Alerts — When an issue arises on a device, an alert notice can be automatically sent out.
  14. Xerox 24/7 Technical Support, based in North America — Support is available to you at any time.


If you are not totally satisfied with any Xerox-brand Equipment delivered under this Agreement, Xerox will, at your request, replace it without charge with an identical model or, at Xerox’s option, with Xerox Equipment with comparable features and capabilities.  This Guarantee applies only to Xerox-brand Equipment that has been continuously maintained by Xerox under this Agreement or a Xerox maintenance agreement. For “Previously Installed” Equipment, this Guarantee will be effective for 1 year after installation.  For all other Equipment, this Guarantee will be effective for 3 years after installation unless the Equipment is being financed under this Agreement for more than 3 years, in which event it will expire at the end of the initial Term of this Agreement.

*The SP Equipment includes iGen3, iGen4 and Xerox Continuous Feed. The TSG is not applicable during the first 180 days of install.  After this initial period, if the equipment does not perform up to the expectations set in the Customer Expectations Document for a period of 90 days, at the customer’s request, Xerox will replace the SP equipment with like or similar equipment.

Historical Highlights


  • The Haloid Company is founded in Rochester, N.Y., to manufacture and sell photographic paper.
  • Chester Carlson, inventor of xerography, is born in Seattle, Feb. 8.


  • Haloid buys Rectigraph Co.


  • Chester Carlson makes first xerographic image in his lab in Astoria, Queens, in New York City, Oct. 22.


  • Haloid acquires license to Chester Carlson’s basic xerographic patents from Battelle Development Corp. of Columbus, Ohio, a subsidiary of Battelle Memorial Institute.


  • Haloid and Battelle announce development of xerography.  Words “Xerox” and “xerography” are trademarked.
  • First of the consecutive quarterly dividends is declared.


  • The first xerographic copier, the Model A, is introduced.


  • Haloid established Canadian sales subsidiary, The Haloid Company of Canada Ltd.


  • Rank Xerox Limited is formed as a joint venture of The Haloid Company and The Rank Organisation plc.


  • The Haloid Company changes name to Haloid Xerox Inc.


  • The Xerox 914, the first automatic, plain-paper office copier, is announced.
  • Haloid Xerox purchases all worldwide patents on xerography from Battelle.


  • Research and Engineering Center is established in Webster, N.Y.


  • Haloid Xerox Inc. changes name to Xerox Corporation.
  • Xerox is listed on the New York Stock Exchange, July 11.
  • Some 7,700 shares are traded, and the stock closes at $104 for the day.


  • University Microfilm Inc. is acquired.
  • Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. is launched as joint venture of Rank Xerox Limited and Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd.


  • Micro-Systems Inc. is acquired.
  • Electro-Optical Systems Inc. is acquired.


  • Xerox acquires patent and marketing rights to Central and South America from The Rank Organisation.


  • Basic Systems Inc. is acquired; renamed Xerox Learning Systems. Xerox acquires American Education Publications Inc.; renamed Xerox Education Publications; publications include Weekly Reader. Rank Xerox opens manufacturing plant in Venray, the Netherlands.


  • Professional Library Service is acquired.
  • Learning Materials Inc. is acquired.


  • Cheshire Inc. is acquired.
  • R.R. Bowker Co. is acquired.


  • Ginn and Company is acquired.
  • Chester Carlson dies September 19, 1969.
  • Scientific Data Systems Inc. is acquired.
  • Xerox acquires majority interest (51.2%) in Rank Xerox.


  • Xerox moves its corporate headquarters from Rochester, N.Y. to Stamford, Conn.   Approximately 150 employees, including most of the company’s executive management, relocate to the new headquarters.


  • Xerox Computer Services is established.
  • Xerox Palo Alto Research Center opens in Palo Alto, Calif.
  • Electrostatic printing introduced.


  • Unipub Inc. is acquired.
  • Joseph C. Wilson, chairman of the board, dies Nov. 22.
  • Fuji Xerox acquires Takematsu and Iwatsuki manufacturing plants in Japan and opens manufacturing and research plant in Ebina, Japan.


  • Diablo Systems Inc. is acquired.


  • Xerox International Center for Training and Management Development opens in Leesburg, VA.
  • Xerox Research Centre of Canada in Mississauga, Ontario, opens.
  • Rank Xerox opens new factory in Coslada, Spain and new assembly plant in Lille, France.


  • “Brother Dominic” advertising campaign is launched: “It’s a miracle.” Daconics Corp. is acquired.
  • Versatec Inc. is acquired.
  • Xerox ends manufacture and sale of mainframe computers. Xerox settles antitrust complaint with U.S. Federal Trade Commission by agreeing to license existing xerographic patents.


  • Last Xerox 914 order is taken; field service on the machine is to continue.


  • Xerox receives $25 million from IBM in agreement that ends litigation and leads to exchange of patent licenses between the two companies.


  • Xerox Credit Corporation is formed.


  • Kurzweil Computer Products Inc., maker of reading systems for the blind, is acquired.
  • First Xerox retail store in the United States opens.
  • Fuji Xerox wins Deming Prize, Japan’s highest award for quality.


  • Large format digital printing introduced.


  • Xerox acquires Crum and Forster Inc., the insurance group, part of the company’s diversification into financial services.
  • Xerox sells 43 of the 54 Xerox retail stores in the United States to The Genra Group.
  • Leadership Through Quality, the Xerox total quality process, is announced.
  • Venray manufacturing facility wins CIMEI Quality Award in the Netherlands.
  • Large format digital color printing introduced.


  • Xerox acquires Van Kampen Merritt Inc.
  • Xerox Financial Services Inc. is formed.
  • Rank Xerox wins British Quality Award.


  • Six publishing companies are sold: AutEx Systems to International Thomson Organisation; Ginn and Company to Gulf + Western Industries Inc.; Xerox Education Publications to Field Corp.; University Microfilms Inc. to Bell & Howell Co.; R.R. Bowker Co. to Reed Holdings Inc.; and Xerox Learning Systems to The Times Mirror Co.
  • Contract to produce a Xerox telecopier in China is signed. South Pacific Operations, including Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand and Singapore, is created.
  • Xerox Financial Services Life Insurance Co. is formed.


  • Xerox Research Centre Europe (formerly Rank Xerox EuroPARC) opens laboratory in Cambridge, United Kingdom. Xerox founds non-profit Institute for Research on Learning to explore use of artificial intelligence in education.
  • Rank Xerox wins British Quality Award, its second.


  • Electronic printing center in Beijing, China, opens as joint venture with China Computer Systems Engineering Corp.
  • Rank Xerox South Africa Pty. Ltd. is sold to Fintech Ltd.
  • DX Imaging, joint venture with DuPont is formed.
  • Xerox Shanghai Limited, joint venture with Shanghai SMPIC Corporation and the Chinese Bank of Communications, is formed to make copiers in China.
  • Technology alliance is formed with Sun Microsystems Inc.
  • Rank Xe