Managing documents in the legal industry can be a challenge creating an undue administrative burden for the firm. Superior Office Products can provide a working knowledge of document management providing efficiencies and security to legal professionals. Whether it be ensuring the firm’s data is kept secure leveraging McAfee whitelisting technology on our devices, scanning and printing documents directly into and from case management application such as Needles, providing attorney’s with the ability to provide their signature to documents directly from the user interface or a comprehensive cost recovery and accounting integration.

Xerox Mobile Print Cloud

The ability to access information from outside the office is a key driver to the adaption of mobile in the legal industry. Lawyers and law professionals rely on their mobile devices to be more productive and use apps such as DropBox, Box, Evernote, Documents to Go, GoodReader, and QuickOffice to increase their efficiency. In fact, many of the technology investments being made by law firms are focused on improving collaboration between the firm and client. Printing documents in a secure manner from these devices is seen as an expected capability, and making it easy is paramount. Xerox Mobile Print enables legal professionals to easily print from their smartphone or tablet—as well as laptops and desktops. Litigation materials, affidavits and other necessary documents can be printed from DropBox or Google Drive with the same high quality format as the original. Xerox Mobile Print Cloud leverages the power and security of the Microsoft AZURE platform providing true Microsoft Office conversion. And with @PrintByXerox legal professionals with little time can simply send an email with an attachment to and complete the job on any Xerox ConnectKey device. There’s no additional app to be installed on their mobile device or the Xerox device—just plug in, send the print job and go.

Xerox WebCapture

Legal practice management packages such as PracticePanther, AbacusLaw, CosmoLex, Rocket Matter, and Clio have become prevalent in helping law firms manage everything from billing and invoicing to records and the client portal. While the software covers a lot of territory, less consideration has been given to the workflow required to insert a scanned document into the CRM system. Currently the steps entail multiple touch points and actions by the user. With Xerox WebCapture Service users can scan documents — simply, affordably and directly—into any web app without a complicated and expensive integration project. The drag-and-drop feature is the key workflow in Web Capture and improves our clients’ efficiency.