Have you heard of XMPie?

XMPie solutions have been designed for print shops or organizations looking for innovative ways to combine both print and digital media by utilizing data-driven communications. We’ll expand on this concept in a moment, so if it sounds a bit complex, hang in there—it’s actually really interesting technology.

In today’s post, we’ll look at the four product lines from the XMPie family and how print shops and others can use these tools to provide unique value to their customers while increasing revenue.

what is xmpieWhat is XMPie? What Products are Offered, and why Should I be Interested?

XMPie is a provider of software for cross-media and variable data printing. Compatible with your Xerox multifunction printer, some of the services available to you are:

  • Variable data printing solutions, giving you unparalleled flexibility to customize marketing materials
  • Cross-Media marketing software (i.e., the ability to produce cohesive content for both print and digital mediums)
  • Web-to-Print solutions, a valuable suite of tools for online storefronts
  • Multichannel marketing campaign management solutions, enabling you to track the performance of campaigns both on- and offline.

For more detailed information on all of these features, please visit our page dedicated to detailed information about XMPie. For now, let’s take a look at some of these features in a bit more detail, starting with variable data printing.

The Revenue-Boosting Possibilities of Variable Data Printing

Variable data printing is campaign optimization taken to the next level; imagine being able to send out a print marketing campaign to hundreds or thousands of recipients, with each of those recipients feeling as though the material was speaking directly to them.

This technology allows the operator to select information from a database and print materials differently using that data. Any kind of data can be predetermined, such as names, addresses, graphics, fonts, discount codes, pricing, and so on. This allows marketers to create highly customized, laser-targeted campaigns limited only by their own data sets.

From the perspective of a print shop, being able to offer this kind of value to your customers will have revenue-boosting results—it works so well that your customers will come back over and over again.

Why is Cross-Media Marketing so Important?

Cross-media marketing campaigns are advertisements that integrate both physical print materials with online, digital creatives. Usually utilizing variable data printing techniques, these kinds of campaigns can “tie together” the varied landscape of print, web, and mobile.

For example, if a business sends a print advertising campaign to their customers, this technology can help create a coherent experience for them once they take action, for example, with customized landing pages or QR codes. The possibilities really are endless, and this is the future of print marketing.

must have print shop toolsLearn More About XMPie and Xerox Technology at Superior Office Products

Whether you’re a print shop looking for the latest and greatest tools to expand your arsenal or you’re a small business owner or office manager in need of ways to enhance workplace productivity, modern Xerox technology has the answers you’re looking for. Take a look at our post A New Way to Think About Office Upgrades: Scalable Office Equipment & Growth-Forward Technology to get a good starting overview of what Xerox can do for you.

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