What if you could introduce a tool to your meetings that made collaboration easier, presentations better, video calling a thing of wonderful simplicity, offered painless integration with your favorite apps that you’re already using, and required virtually no training to use?

That—and more—is exactly what you and your colleagues can have access to when you upgrade your meeting space with the addition of an interactive display. At Superior Office Products, we knew that this technology would be shaping the way businesses, educational facilities, and collaborative environments conducted their meetings forever, and that’s why we decided to partner with industry leader Newline Interactive.

In today’s post, we’re going to take a closer look at the VN Series from Newline and discuss some of the surprising benefits of installing an interactive display in meeting environments of all kinds.

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large touchscreen for business meetingsIntroducing the TRUTOUCH VN Series From Newline Interactive, Now Available at Superior Office Products

If you’re even a little bit of a tech-head, an interactive display from the VN Series will get you pretty excited. These displays feature true 4K ultra high-definition, built in speakers, and optical bonding glass. That last bit means that the display is resistant to glare and fingerprints—which is a good thing indeed, because with over 10 touchpoints the screen will be getting a lot of attention from you and your colleagues.

With Wi-Fi connectivity and a maximized viewing angle, the VN series offers both flexibility and crystal clear visibility for all your apps. TRUTOUCH technology enables you to “BYOD,” or, bring your own device, meaning that you can seamlessly connect your android or windows based devices to the display and manipulate them there.

To learn more about this transformative piece of technology, please visit this page.

The Benefits Collaborative Displays for Businesses, Educational Environments, and Meetings Anywhere

While there are many benefits to the addition of a collaborative display in a business meeting environment, chief among them may be the fact that they can skyrocket team engagement. If you’re putting on meetings where the participants are only half paying attention, yawning, or just generally can’t wait to get out of the room, then there’s a problem—and an interactive display might just be the solution.

Interactive displays like the VN series have multiple-touch technology built in. That means that more than a single person can be operating the device at the same time, which allows for more members of your team to be involved at once. Furthermore, since the touchscreen will integrate with the presentation apps you’re already using, you have the opportunity to make things more interesting by combining your presentation with interactive elements only available through collaborative technology.

Furthermore, interactive displays offer unique benefits for learning environments, which we discussed at length in our post 4K Touchscreens in the Classroom: A Unique Opportunity for Learning. Some of the more noteworthy benefits discussed in that post are that collaborative learning has been well documented to enhance the overall learning experience and boost student’s abilities to communicate, lead, and interact with one another.

interactive display for small businessesLearn More About Collaborative Touchscreen Technology at Superior Office Products

If you’d like to discover more ways that an interactive display can increase engagement at your next meeting, or how it can enhance your teaching environment in ways that you never before thought possible, please feel more than welcome to contact a member of our knowledgeable and polite staff at Superior Office Products.

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Finally, you can download a brochure about the TRUTOUCH VN Series from Newline Interactive here.

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