There are countless reasons to use a Xerox multifunction printer, but perhaps one of the biggest benefits to businesses has been the ability to control the device from a number of different devices.

Gone are the days of needing to be physically present at the printer itself to configure it, update it, or send and receive data from it—long gone. Xerox has implemented a number of secure solutions that empower users and system administrators to configure, manipulate, and even set up printers from anywhere with an internet connection.

Let’s take a look at just a few of the most popular ways to control your Xerox MFP from effectively any device your business is likely to be using. We’ll start with the one thing that almost everyone has with them these days: a mobile device.

xerox mobile link appHow to Use the Xerox Mobile Link App to Control Your Xerox MFP From Anywhere

The Xerox Mobile Link app is a powerful tool for businesses who want to enable their staff to control a multifunction printer from their preferred device, anywhere. This app can be installed on a mobile phone, tablet, or similar device, and allows users to send print jobs to the MFP no matter where they are.

Users can even access shared files, simplifying collaboration and allowing users to control the device no matter where they are. For businesses with remote workers, this can be a pretty significant time saver.

Using the Remote Control Panel to Administrate Your MFP

The Xerox Remote Control Panel is a tool that gives system administrators the freedom to control and configure a Xerox MFP from anywhere. The options available to the user are nearly exactly the same as what they could do if they were standing in front of the printer in person, except all they need is an internet connection.

For many businesses, this has cut back on technical support expenses, since IT personnel don’t have to physically be present at the printer to configure it, install updates, or troubleshoot problems. The real-time 1:1 interactive interface is exactly what they’d be seeing if they were there next to the printer.

The Xerox Remote Control Panel can be accessed via the MFP’s CentreWare Internet Services or embedded web server feature.

Compatibility With Driver-less Printing Technology, Including AirPrint from Apple

Xerox has made an effort to provide users with as much flexibility as possible with the other devices they want to use. If you use a driver-less printing technology, such as AirPrint from Apple, you‘ll be pleased to know that your Xerox MFP is likely to be fully compatible.

For example, users who have iPhones, iPads, or run Mac OS and want to use Apple AirPrint can do so—all without installing any additional drivers or software. If you have a Xerox ConnectKey enabled device, it’ll work as long as the devices are accessible from the same network as the printer.

xerox remote administration panelWith a Xerox Multifunction Printer, You Can Do More – We’ll Show You How at Superior Office Solutions

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