Most business owners, managers, or team leaders have at one point or another faced a similar challenge: keeping their staff engaged during an important meeting.

Team engagement is critically important for more reasons than just getting the point of the meeting across—engagement can improve motivation, coworker relationships, employee retention, and even sales. Engaged staff members tend to be more excited and knowledgeable about their jobs, which “filters down” to customer relations and can be directly responsible for the generation of leads or sales.

In other words, the degree to which a team is engaged during meetings is a strong indication of how engaged they’ll be in other aspects of their work. These effects, whether positive or negative, will have lasting effects on nearly every area of a business.

Team engagement is about more than just getting your staff to pay attention to a presentation. It’s about how well your business functions overall.

In this post, we’ll examine a few ways you can substantially enhance team engagement at your next meeting. We’ll also look at how modern technology can help improve team interaction, whether they’re all in the same room or working remotely anywhere in the world.

how to increase interest during a meetingThe Key to Team Engagement Can Be Summed Up in a Single Word

…And what’s that word?


Ask yourself the following: at your last meeting, were your staff members passive observers or active participants?

When your team can interact—with you, with each other, with the project itself—it changes their position from being passive observers (which is boring) to active participants (now that’s exciting).

People naturally want to add value to a group project. It’s a very human trait, and when you present people with an environment where they feel comfortable and encouraged to express themselves and their ideas, they will. This has a synergistic effect which will motivate others to share their unique voice and perspective, and then that person motivates someone else, and so on.

Let’s look at a few powerful ways you can increase the level of interaction at your meetings while still conveying critical information.

team meeting presentation tipsHow to Increase Interactivity During Your Next Meeting

Employee interaction within the context of a meeting should, for the most part, never be demanded. Think of it more like an invitation. Demands make people feel pressured; invitations make them feel welcomed and valued.

When you introduce a topic to your team, be specific about what kind of feedback you want from your team. Specificity will help you get better input and keep the meeting “on track.” When approached this way, with laser focus, your team is likely to produce better input.

If possible, let different team members administrate different parts of the meeting. Perhaps that means letting them take the stage and explaining a certain topic, or it might be as simple as giving them the responsibility of passing out documents.

Never end the discussion of a topic without making sure that nobody else has anything to say. Some people might be shy or uncomfortable, especially if this style of meeting is new to them. Make it a point to deliberately keep an eye out for anyone signaling that they want to enter the conversation.

Finally, give your team an exciting way to interact:

Tools of the Trade: Introducing Newline Interactive’s X-Series Unified Collaboration System

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