Have you ever wished you could simply tell your printer what to do?

Now you can. If you own a Xerox AltaLink multifunction printer, you have access to one of the most advanced AI workplace assistants in the world.

Gabi Voice is Xerox’s entry into the virtual workplace assistant arena. The technology has been making waves since its inception, largely in part thanks to its integration with IBM’s Watson artificial intelligence—yes, the same one that beat two Jeopardy! world champions in 2011. Since that moment in history, Watson has been continuously upgraded with new ways to process data, and that’s

Gabi, which is an acronym for Global Artificial Business Intelligence, makes controlling your Xerox MFP simple. Simply tell it what to do in natural language sentences. Even complex commands work impressively well, which we’ll explore next. Let’s talk about how real world businesses are putting Gabi to work:

xerox voice recognition featurePrinter Voice Recognition: A Substantial Time Saver

It never fails to impress: whether you’re telling Gabi to make a simple copy or to do a complex string of tasks, it always seems to “just work.” For example, imagine verbally telling your printer to scan a document, make a copy, and to send a digital version to your email address. Sounds like it would save time, right?

While Xerox technology is designed to be user friendly, the above scenario would take a handful of steps at the user interface, and wouldn’t be quite as fast as simply telling Gabi Voice what to do.

How Does Gabi Voice Work?

The video above will give you a brief overview of how Gabi works in practice. But how does it work—that is to say, how does it know you want 25 single-sided copies of a document?

After speaking a command, the data is captured and sent back to IBM for interpretation by Watson. During this transfer, the data is protected by strong encryption—and once Watson is done interpreting the command, no data is stored by IBM. Watson “responds” by telling Gabi what needs to be done. This process is seamless to the user and takes place nearly instantaneously.

Gabi Voice Helps Businesses Comply With Federal 508c Regulations

For organizations that need to be 508c compliant, Gabi Voice is the perfect solution. Agencies which receive federal funding such as nonprofits, educational facilities, or government agencies must be 508 compliant, which requires software to be accessible to people with disabilities. Since Gabi Voice is completely voice activated, it’s considered to be an assistive technology.

How Secure is Gabi Voice?

Xerox is an industry leader in information security. Gabi Voice is among the most secure workplace assistants on the market, meeting and exceeding all industry standard security certifications. Transferred data is encrypted and no data is stored server-side—learn more about Gabi Voice here.

xerox voice recognition featureLearn More About Growing Your Business With Xerox Technology

Gabi Voice is just one of the many productivity-enhancing features available to owners of Xerox multifunction printers. Our team at Superior Office Products understands that no two businesses are alike, so we make it a priority to understand your unique business goals and assist you in discovering the office equipment that will best help you meet them.

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