Interactive displays have forever changed the way businesses, teams, educators, and professionals of all kinds will look at meetings.

Once you make the switch, it’ll be hard to imagine that you used to do things the “old way,” i.e., the way that involved little-to-no interaction, a messy whiteboard or a cumbersome projector, and

trutouch x series newlineWhat is the TRUTOUCH X Series Interactive Display?

The TRUTOUCH X Series interactive display bills itself as “The Next Generation of Collaboration,” we have to say that we’re fully in agreement with that statement—what you can do with this unit is nothing short of very impressive.

The TRUTOUCH X is more than just a digital whiteboard, it’s a collaborative powerhouse. Featuring true cross-platform compatibility, this interactive display allows you to collaborate with anyone, no matter what kind of device they’re using. For remote meetings, the display features two HD wide-angle cameras that allow you to be seen from wherever you’re standing in the meeting room, and also sports some of the best echo-cancellation technology we’ve ever had the pleasure of using.

The powerful onboard computer gives you the ability to run all of your collaborative software in one place, as well as plenty of storage media to keep your important presentation files readily available at your fingertips—literally, because the device doesn’t require any awkward styluses or interaction devices, just your fingertips.

The TRUTOUCH X Series interactive display is available in sizes ranging from 55” screens to a whopping 86” screen for maximum visibility even in large meeting rooms.

How Educators, Business Professionals, and Teams Everywhere Are Using the TRUTOUCH X Series for Enhanced Collaborative Meetings

We’ve discussed before on the Super Office Products blog about how collaborative technology is enhancing workplaces on a global scale. Thanks to advances in broadband internet speeds, truly high definition video meetings are better than ever before. With more and more people telecommuting or working remotely, this kind of technology will eventually need to become ubiquitous in competitive businesses.

But it’s not just for work environments—teams and educators around the world are using this technology for a truly unique, new, and effective meeting experience. If you haven’t already, make sure to check out our post 4K Touchscreens in the Classroom: A Unique Opportunity for Learning to discover how this technology can help you in the classroom.

If you’d like to learn more about the TRUTOUCH X Series interactive display, including a detailed spec sheet and technology overview, please view our TRUTOUCH X Series brochure (PDF link).

interactive display for meetings teachers presentationsLearn More About the Unique Opportunities Offered By Interactive Displays at Superior Office Products

While we discussed the X series in today’s post, there’s a lot more available in the world of interactive displays. If you’re interested in learning as much as you can about the TRUTOUCH series from Newline Interactive, you might also want to take a look at our post where we took a closer look at the VN Series, an ultra-high-definition interactive display: How This 4K Ultra HD Interactive Display is Transforming Collaborative Meetings Around the World.

Ultimately, the display you choose will come down to a matter of personal preference, style, and budget. Our team of experts at Superior Office Products are standing by to help you figure out which technologies are best suited for your workplace, ranging from interactive displays like the TRUTOUCH X or VN Series, or industry-leading Xerox office equipment.

Please feel more than welcome to get in touch with a member of our staff and we’ll start figuring out the best solutions for your unique business goals. You can visit us in both Baton Rogue and Houston, or you’re invited to contact us online.