Did you know that if you saved just 10 minutes per day, at the end of a standard work year you would have gained back about 43 hours of productivity, or nearly two days worth of time?

Simple calculations like that can make us think a little more deeply about how we’re spending our time. Like most businesses, there are likely to be certain repeated tasks you use your Xerox multifunction printer for on a daily basis. What if there was a way to automate those repeated tasks and have them be performed at the touch of a single button?

There is—it’s the Xerox one touch app feature, and it’s a huge time-saver. Once you start using one touch apps, you’ll be amazed that you ever worked without them.

Let’s learn a little more:

how to use xerox one touch apps mfpWhat is a One Touch App?

Xerox has established itself as an industry leader of simple, easy-to-use touchscreen interfaces. However, to do one or more complex tasks still requires the user to “go through the motions” of telling the MFP what to do. This is unnecessarily cumbersome when the tasks being performed are often repeated, perhaps several times per day.

One touch apps are app buttons that, when pressed, perform a predetermined series of tasks automatically. In effect, you can build your own app to do nearly any task that you could manually perform on the MFP—or, more importantly, any series of tasks. One touch apps really begin to shine when you set them up to handle multiple tasks in one go.

Next, we’ll take a look at a few examples of how a business might take advantage of one touch apps.

Examples of How Businesses Use One Touch Apps

The best way to think of how you can use one or more one touch apps is to simply consider which tasks you repeat on a daily basis. For example, suppose that you regularly scan a document, print out a copy, and email another copy as a PDF to both yourself and another member of your staff.

By hand, that’s quite a few steps to go through. However, you could easily set up that workflow as a one touch app so that every time you want those series of tasks to be performed, all you have to do is press a single button.

Take a look at this video from the official Xerox YouTube channel to get a better idea of how you’d accomplish this:

The one touch app feature is available on both Xerox AltaLink and VersaLink multifunction printers. The only difference is that VersaLink machines give you the added flexibility of personal one touch apps (meaning that they’re only available on your personal account, if desired), whereas one touch apps on AltaLink machines are always public.

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The one touch app is just one of many really, really awesome Xerox features. When you take into account how extensible the feature set of a multifunction printer can be, especially with the Xerox App Gallery and powerful accessories like Gabi Voice, there’s almost nothing your printer can’t do.

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