Produce more jobs, reduce your cost, and deliver a higher quality output.

FreeFlow™ Output Manager™

web_logoKey Features

  • Controls your digital production printers and effectively manages the flow of print jobs across multiple printers
  • Can accept large jobs scanned by office multifunction devices and route them to production printers more suited to handle the heavy volume
  • Accepts jobs from:
    • Job submission clients
    • Internet
    • Network PCs
    • Mainframes
    • Hot folders
    • Other FreeFlow products such as Makeready, Process Manager, Express to Print, and Print Manager APP
    • Formats supported: PostScript, PDF, PCL, TIFF, ASCII text. ASCII and XPIF job tickets support and pass through support of JDF job tickets
  • Use Custom Views to customize the interface based on location, work shift, job type, and other criteria so users only see the jobs, printers, and features they need
  • FreeFlow Accounting module provides a window to all account information across your entire FreeFlow Print Server/DocuSP™-controlled printer fleet
  • Load balancing: increase throughput by processing jobs across multiple printers
  • Job attribute matching: examines job attributes and routes job to printer with matching characteristics
  • Job splitting: split jobs based on color, copy, or page to improve productivity
  • Scripting: scripting of pre and post processing functions enables tighter integration and customization of workflow implementation


RSAKey FeaturesLoaded with features to maximize print center efficiency.

  • Efficient PostScript output optimized for production printers
  • 2D Barcode support
  • Automatic resolution scaling
  • Bitmap and outline font support
  • N-up and extended N-up
  • Color support
  • Supports all paper sizes with full inline finishing support
  • Robust media handling
  • Full and subset reprinting
  • PDF/A archiving, splitting, indexing, and document management integration (optional PDF module)

RSA M.I.S. Print™

RSAKey FeaturesLoaded with features to maximize print center efficiency.

  • Reprint job or portion of job immediately avoiding reprocessing delays at the host
  • Supports LCDS, DJDE Metacode, XES/UDK, SCS, ASCII, and EBCDIC Line Data with optimized PostScript output for production printers
  • 100% Fidelity Guarantee
  • Supports all paper sizes with full inline finishing support
  • Resource management with automatic distribution to multiple controllers
  • PDF/A archiving, splitting, indexing, and document management integration (optional PDF module)
  • Comprehensive OTEXT support
  • BTEXT support for check assurance
  • Highlight color support

RSA Mainframe Downloader™

RSAKey Features

  • LCDS/Metacode/XES Data Transmission over TCP/IP
  • Integrated AES Encryption and Compression
  • Communicates all JES parameters to receiving systems; carriage control, record structure, and binary data transmitted intact
  • Adds banner pages or DJDEs to mimic JES Exit processing

RSA QDirect™

RSAKey Features

  • Automate queue management and job routing to local or remote production, midrange, and desktop printers and file servers
  • Produce jobs automatically, or release batches by destination or other requirements
  • Web interface to view detailed accounting information
  • Integrates with third-party document accounting solutions, enabling enterprise-wide chargeback for both distributed and centralized printing
  • Distributes jobs evenly across production printers via a Flood Control feature
  • Enhances documents with a number of capabilities, including adding bar codes and banner pages
  • Reprints jobs without reprocessing at the source
  • Shows printer and job status (available from SNMP enabled printers)
  • Multisite/partitioning
  • Virtual statuses
  • Color splitting

RSA QDirect.SCAN™ for Xerox

RSAKey Features

  • Hard copy documents are scanned at the MFP
  • User selects ticketing choices using a friendly touchscreen interface on the MFP
  • QDirect can confirm the user’s account has sufficient credit to print the job
  • Ticketing is never re-keyed at the print center, eliminating touches and mistakes
  • Jobs can be automatically printed, without any operator intervention, or can be batched and released by finishing requirements, priority or delivery location to facilitate courier delivery.